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Affordable Pet Dental Plus

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Affordable Pet Dental Plus

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Good towards pet teeth cleaning and x-rays!

Affordable Pet Dental Plus is a locally owned Veterinary Clinic that provides dental and full-service care to dogs and cats. Dr. Linsey Sutton is entirely committed to quality AND affordable care for your pets. There is a particular emphasis on healthy mouths because teeth can be easily neglected by pet owners, yet it is crucial to the overall health of the pet to have a healthy mouth. Please do not confuse the word AFFORDABLE with cheap. Quality care and pet safety are a priority at Affordable Pet Dental Plus and the practice continues to grow and improve standards at all times in order to provide the best care possible for your pet.

5 Signs Your Pet Needs a Professional Dental Cleaning

1. Bad Breath is normally the first sign your pet is developing dental disease. Bad breath is never normal for your cat or dog. Just as with people, bad breath is a sign that bacteria is trapped in the mouth. It's best to bring your animal in for a  professional cleaning right when you first notice an unusual odor. 

2. Red, swollen or bleeding gums. This is a sign of inflammation (gingivitis or stomatitis)and is caused by an infection. Inflamed gums are often a source of great pain and discomfort to animals. Just as with people, they are sensitive and more prone to bleed.

3. Loose, broken or missing teeth. If you have found your pet's tooth or see that one of their teeth is missing, this is often a major indicator of a more serious problem. This can be an indication that one or more of the teeth are decaying or infected. Pets can develop abscesses when the infection gets bad which destroys the root of the tooth causing tooth loss and risk of a serious health issue. A missing, broken or loose tooth could also be the result of your pet having chewed on something that caused the tooth to crack and break. This can open a pocket for bacteria to invade into the mouth deeper, allowing a bacterial infection to spread to the rest of the mouth, and then to the rest of the body. 

4. Difficulty eating.  If your pet is struggling to chew, it may be due to the pain associated with an infection and inflammation in the mouth. this is usually a later sign that indicates a more progressive disease. Often times many animals with severe dental disease seem to eat fine but the secret is they have stopped chewing or they are chewing only on a certain side.

5. Yellow or brown stained teeth. Stained teeth are caused by tarter, which traps bacteria and causes infection. This is one of the first signs of a problem, and when addressed promptly with a good professional dental cleaning, it can usually be nipped in the bud. As with people, once your pet's teeth are stained deeply they may never be pearly white again without whitening treatments, which we do not do for our pets. But a cleaning can still remove the tarter and improve the health of the mouth even if the stains are more permanent.

More Than Just a Pet Dental Office!

We are a locally owned veterinary clinic! While we provide affordable dental care to dogs and cats we are also a full service regular veterinary office. Check out our website for more details.

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Contact & Directions

Affordable Pet Dental Plus
3613 E Springfield Ave
Spokane, Washington 99202
Phone: 509-535-4903

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